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It is my pleasure to welcome all visitors to the website of the Institute of Law and Political Science at Elcherif Bouchoucha University Center, Aflou. I hope you benefit from the available data and information placed at your disposal, aiming to establish a connection and communication between the institute's administration, staff, professors, students, and our partners in various sectors.
Our main goal is to enhance the quality of scientific research and educational training to improve the output of our institute. This is done within a well-defined strategy that relies on the inputs of professors, staff, and workers under the supervision of the university center's director. It is a manifestation of his vision to elevate Elcherif Bouchoucha University Center, Aflou, to the ranks of advanced universities.
Brief about the institute:
The Institute of Law and Political Science was established by Executive Decree No. 16-230, dated September 1, 2016. Thus, it became an independent institute affiliated with Elcherif Bouchoucha University Center, Aflou.

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